Want to gift something? Vanilla prepaid MasterCard is the perfect choice!

Summary: start your shopping experience by just activating your prepaid card by following few simple steps.

After purchasing a Vanilla prepaid MasterCard you must be wondering on how to use it and activate the card for future use, so here are some useful tips and information regarding your prepaid card which might turn out to be useful while using it. The vanilla prepaid cards must be loaded with funds while activating the card, the card can be activated at the store itself or on the online website by proving the 16digits mentioned on the gift card and following the instructions mentioned.

gift card

Once the card is activated and registered you are free to use it at shopping stores and bills payment either in person by swiping on the electronic machines or online websites. For the safety and security purpose it is necessary that you register your number, name and address so that in future your money can be saved in case of any theft. Besides by saving the number at the website you will receive notifications after every purchase so that you can keep a track on the available balance in your card.

The funds in one vanilla card cannot be transferred to another and the money present in the prepaid card should be used only on purchases and is not allowed to withdraw as cash from the ATM’s. These cards are non-reloadable that means once the card is loaded it must be disposed and further loading is not possible. Hence you should be perfectly sure before you put the amount in the card considering your plans of purchasing and shopping needs.

Nowadays, everyone is keen on having a prepaid card by seeing the list of benefits it offer to the owner of the card. These cards are widely used by the merchant sites and retailers everywhere the debit card is accepted. You don’t have to worry about the cash shortage as many stores support these types of payments.

Some people find it challenging to activate the card and follow the steps hence for assistance you can call the toll-free number given at the back of your card and take help from the customer care executive. The guidance is also provided on various websites, just by providing the 16-digit card number and proceed the giving instructions.

The vanilla prepaid MasterCard can be given as a token of gift to your friends and family to make them feel more independent to spend money on their desired needs instead of just accepting whatever other gives them on their special days. Likewise people suggest that these cards are the best for housewives and women who love shopping and enjoying their freedom by spending money. If you have balance loaded already and in case of any emergency you don’t have to rush to the ATM to withdraw the cash, but instead you can take your gift card and make payment with ease. Thus, keeping yourself update with the card balance will make your life much uncomplicated.