Cowhide rugs – keeping your cowhide rug clean

Making certain that the rug will last a long period of time calls for normal cleansing, yet these techniques are easy considering that cow hide requires only minimal care with time. As long as a homeowner stays on par with the normal and also really small upkeep called for of his/her carpet, it might in 2014 longer than a traditional wall-to-wall carpet.

Normal Vacuuming

 Like tapestries, upholstered furniture and wall-to-wall carpet, cowskin carpets require normal vacuuming with a basic machine. One of the manner in which dirt turns up on such surface areas is via lack of vacuuming over time as dust can develop listed below the surface area and also turn into spots later on in the carpet’s life. Routine vacuuming makes sure the surface area and inside of the rug remains tidy and dirt-free.

Minor Stain Removal

A cowhide carpet would not hold onto discolorations if points like dirt spots and mud are cleansed from the surface right after they are used. As long as the owner of such a carpet has a damp cloth convenient, nearly any type of kind of little discolor can be eliminated with some light soap. It is important that the towel is not entirely saturated with water which all the excess fluid or soap is ejected of the cleaning fabric before it is put on the rug.

Cowhide Rug

Hard Stains

In some cases mishaps happen, and when someone goes down a glass of merlot on the carpeting or a guest drops his plate of food onto the carpet, it is possible to obtain the surface looking totally normal as long as focus is paid promptly to the discolor. After blotting excess fluid from the surface area of the rug, mild soap and a moist sponge can cleanse the surface better. Cowhide is long lasting sufficient to make sure that scrubbing the surface of the Cowhide Rug strongly should not harm it as long as the soap is light and the sponge is mild. Must any kind of food smell stay in the carpet, application of significantly watered down white vinegar will help.


A cowhide rug should never ever be put in a cleaning device, and it ought to never be taken to the dry cleaners. After cleansing, cowhide rugs should never ever be left in a wet state and ought to constantly be blotted dry when there is excess liquid on the carpet either from cleaning or from visitors strolling on it. Turning the direction of a cowhide rug every couple of months will make certain that it will wear equally in time and this will certainly additionally make it last much longer and look far better throughout of ownership.