Malaysia Employee Engagement Essentials -Yet to Know More

There’s a huge amount of Research into employee participation but there’s great confusion concerning what engagement is in the psychological and company literature. Their own research that shows a connection between functionality and engagement has been produced by consultancies and the majority of them have their own models of involvement. Notwithstanding The perplexing body of literature and various definitions of employee participation, the study is pretty consistent in finding that getting participated workers is a fantastic thing.

‘Improving employee participation is important because engaged workers have’

  • 51% reduced turnover
  • 27% less absenteeism
  • 18 percent more productivity
  • 12% greater profitability

So Just what is employee engagement?

There’s a whole lot of confusion and little agreement about what the notion of engagement means. Employee participation is defined by organizations. Some engagement with job satisfaction organizations and talk about commitment, others use the notion of ‘effort’ as a sign that there is a man engaged. There’s no universally agreed definition of involvement amongst the advisers and commentators. Here’s a choice that represent the most common definitions

The Term ‘employee participation’ is a new one and also as being decried by some as the HR fad and confusing area due to the lack of clarity of definition. There’s no surprise that those that are supposed to be accountable for employee participation struggle to work out exactly what their job is all about let alone what they should attain. The simple fact is that it is a complicated area because so many variables that are unique determine whether someone is engaged. Those employee engagement malaysia factors include factors external to the individual eg the culture of their organisation, their supervisor, the pay and reward system. They have factors including their values, the individual’s personality type and the meaning they make in their work.