Independent and Futuristic – The USA Aquarius-Uranus Theme

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Three prophetic topics rehashed unequivocally all through my examination directed a year ago on the USA nation and official sky maps. One was an otherworldly topic spoken to by the USA Neptune with 29 of 43 presidents associated with the USA profound energy design. A subsequent topic was the amazing correspondence for good or for not well spoken to by the Mercury/Pluto resistance in the USA sky map with 29 of 43 presidents associated. The third and most grounded topic was that of Aquarius as well as Uranus associations, the subject of this article.

In a previously distributed article, America’s Communication Quandary – Our Mercury/Pluto Opposition, I portrayed the amazing correspondence for good or insidious subject. In a future article I will do likewise for the USA Neptune/otherworldliness topic. In this article, I will inspect the USA Aquarius/Uranus topic that shows 32 of 43 associations in Aquarius plus 9 of 43 in the Aquarius extremity (resistance) of Leo leaving just two USA presidents without this particular association. As though that was not adequate, furthermore 18 of the 43 presidents associated straightforwardly to the USA Uranus.

I do not get my meaning by associations? By standard measure there are 360 degrees in any wheel or 360 focuses for association and a heap of potential association blends. I picked 13 situations to be essential in the USA and the official guides: the ten actual nearby planetary group bodies, the midheaven, ascendant and lunar hub real clear politics. The sky guides of our leaders each have a few of their own places that associate explicitly to the USA nation sky map. For the stargazers perusing this article, I used combination and resistance perspectives just with tight circles up to five degrees.

For what reason are these associations critical? Think about the huge number of individuals that have been conceived since the initiation (or fairly preceding beginning on account of the Founding Fathers) of our nation on July 4, 1776. Just 43 of that huge number of individuals expected the workplace of president, 43 men whose individual sky maps associated explicitly to at least one of the USA’s 13 essential focuses referenced. While not an analyst, I consider tight associations as explicit and huge quantities of a particular association measurably huge.

For what reason would the Aquarius/Uranus associations be a significant topic to our nation? Aquarius is a sign and Uranus is a planet. The idea of the sign Aquarius is like the planet Uranus so the sign and the planet share a proclivity. Humankind as a gathering is an animal of propensity, managing with the status quo until it no long is viable and afterward looks for change. The travelers who found America were daring individuals, globe-trotters, looking for new grounds and asset and what they discovered was new and unusual by their own guidelines. Investigation and revelation is very Aquarian/Uranian in nature.