Making Your Ex Jealous With a Limo

Let’s face it, no one likes to have invested a lot of time and effort into a relationship only to find that the person that they thought they would be with for the rest of their lives has dumped them due to the reason that they feel like they can do better. The truth of the situation is that the healthiest thing you can do here is to move on and find someone that would appreciate you for who you are, but you are human after all which means that you would want to find a way to get back at your ex for breaking your heart like this.

Limo Service

You can do all sorts of things to get back at her, but one thing that you might want to try out first is making her jealous. You can hire a limo service san francisco and ask someone out on a date which would involve a high end limo ride. After the service has been hired you can think about what places your ex likes to go to on a Saturday night and make sure that you go there yourself with your new date in tow.

When you do something like this your ex is probably going to go crazy with jealousy. Chances are that she would want you to take her back as well, and you can either do so and continue your relationship as it was or you can reject her and get the sweet satisfaction of giving her a taste of her own medicine. This will show her just how bad it feels to be dumped by someone who you thought loved you and it will make you feel pretty great as well!