Concrete Floor Corner Grinding and Polishing Tools

These new, concrete floor corner grinding and polishing tools solve the last extraordinary issue with polished concrete floors.  Indeed, even professionals have had extraordinary trouble having the option to finish polished concrete floors and benchtops to the edges and in corners and other tight areas because the tools up to now have all been rotating grinding wheels other than the exceptionally slow and tedious hand polishing blocks.

The existing borers cannot get into a correct point corner because they are round and spin around an axis leaving a three-sided section of unfinished concrete in the corners of the room and around architraves or moldings which looks monstrous and detracts from the nature of the polished concrete.

As of late the mainstream use of oscillating multi tools has empowered the improvement of jewel plated tools with various grits that will easily venture into corners, eliminate lippage, smooth the surface and plan for polishing resin pads.

The result is a unit of ten concrete floor corner grinding and polishing tools to fit most of the oscillating multi tools that will eliminate paste or substantial paint, crushes down lippage to level and fine granulate the areas in anticipation of polishing resin pads. The tools are in ‘finger’ style to get into difficult situations and triangle style for level grinding of slightly bigger areas.

These concrete floor corner grinding and polishing tools can also be used on stairs, where stairs meet a divider, the sides of stairs and around different objects on floors such as pipes, H section steel support beams, backs of toilets or whatever other tight spot where a point processor could not fit.

Dust is not an issue because the oscillating jewel head does not toss dust into the air, it settles around the instrument and can be vacuum eliminated whenever. The tools are multi fit to suit most multi tools available and arrive in a pack of 10.

A coarse finger instrument is supplied to eliminate lippage from hard concrete and three other finger tools will make a fine finish prepared for resin cushion polishing mai san be tong. Triangle precious stone tools are also accommodated level areas in three grits similar to the finger tools. A three-sided snare cushion is remembered for the pack for appending the resin pads for conclusive polishing whenever required and two rasps are supplied to rapidly eliminate paste and weighty coatings before jewel grinding which would normally stop up rapidly with such contaminants.