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U12 Results

Score Date Div. Home Away
Sat 3/22/2003 12A2 Kokomo Laf Jr Bronchos
Sun 3/23/2003 12A2 Westfield Storm Kokomo
Sun 3/30/2003 12A2 Kokomo TIPPCO Thunder
Sat. 4/19/2003 12A2 Fury Blazers Kokomo
Sat. 5/3/2003 12A2 Muncie Stars Kokomo
Sun. 5/4/2003 12A2 Kokomo Muncie Stars
Sun 5/11/2003 12A2 Kokomo Fury Blazers
Sat. 5/17/2003 12A2 Tippco Thunder Kokomo
Sun. 5/18/2003 12A2 Kokomo Indy Burn
Sat. 5/31/2003 12A2 Delaware Co. Kokomo


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Last modified: September 11, 2003