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U17 Boys Scores - Spring '03

Scores Date Div. Home Away
1-1 Sat 3/29/2003 U17 Kokomo Indy Rev.
0-1 Sun 3/30/2003 U17 Columbus Exp. Kokomo
10-0 Sat. 4/19/2003 U17 Blitz Gold Kokomo
1-0 Sat 4/26/2003 U17 GLSC Black Kokomo
1-1 Sun. 4/27/2003 U17 Kokomo Columbus Exp.
4-1 Sat. 5/3/2003 U17 Terre Haute Flyers Kokomo
3-1 Sun. 5/4/2003 U17 Kokomo Muncie Stars
8-1 Sun. 5/11/2003 U17 Kokomo Carroll Co.
6-1 Sat. 5/17/2003 U17 Wayne Co. Kokomo
6-0 Sun. 5/18/2003 U17 Kokomo Wayne Co.


Team Name:      U17
Game Date:      03/29/03
Game Opponent:  Indy Revolution
Game Number:    364
Kokomo Score:   1
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Saturday, 29 March 2003
Time:           07:56:45 PM -0500


Goal - Ian Crook assisted by Justin Carney
Saves - 9 by Steve Bushre including one spectacular save in the closing 
seconds of the game
Team Name:      U17
Game Date:      04/19/03
Game Opponent:  Anderson Blitz Gold
Game Number:    1051
Kokomo Score:   10
Opponent score: 0
Date:           Sunday, 20 April 2003
Time:           08:11:08 PM -0400


Nine or ten different players scored in this first show of offense from 
the KSC U17 boys team.  This should help their confidence in their 
rematch of Columbus coming up this weekend.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      04/26/03
Game Opponent:  GLSC Black
Game Number:    1296
Kokomo Score:   1
Opponent score: 0
Date:           Monday, 28 April 2003
Time:           10:29:32 PM -0400


Goal by John Graves.
Assist by Nick Marrah.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      04/27/03
Game Opponent:  Columbus Express
Game Number:    1467
Kokomo Score:   1
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Monday, 28 April 2003
Time:           10:30:40 PM -0400


Goal by John Graves.
Assist by someone on the left side.
Horrible officiating.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      05/03/03
Game Opponent:  Terre Haute Flyers
Game Number:    1689
Kokomo Score:   4
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Sunday, 04 May 2003
Time:           09:11:05 PM -0400


What started out as a disaster turned into Kokomo's best showing yet.

Terre Haute scored first from a dead ball opportunity that resulted 
from a pass back to the keeper.  They struck the ball to the upper 90 to 
put Kokomo in the hole.

Kokomo then started scoring as Sean Caven almost single-handedly picked 
apart the Terre Haute defense to find Greg Cesnik streaking in, who 
took a shot which the keeper deflected back into the playing field, which 
led to a fracas in which Adam Hoeksema's chin, Greg Cesnik's foot, and 
the ball finally collided to put the ball in the net.

Steve Bushre shot through the defense to score the second goal right 
before half to give Kokomo the important half-time momentum.

Sean Caven continued his nearly flawless performance by putting one to 
the inside post for a goal.

Bushre, keeper turned goal scorer, put his second of the day in after 
pounding his way through two Terre Haute defenders.

Zach Barnes, Greg Cesnik, and John Graves all had good saves while 
playing in the keeper position.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      05/04/03
Game Opponent:  Muncie Stars
Game Number:    1770
Kokomo Score:   3
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Sunday, 04 May 2003
Time:           09:20:12 PM -0400


For the second day in row, Kokomo gave up the first goal early in the 
game.  Less than 2 minutes into the game, a fast Muncie player 
capitalized on the miscommunication between Kokomo's keeper and fullback on an 
otherwise innocuous through-ball.

Kokomo came roaring back, however, when Greg Cesnik chased down a pass 
to end-line and then fed it back to Steve Bushre who made the nice 
follow-up run.  Steve lasered it to the far post for the goal.

At the half, the game was an even 1-1.  Steve Bushre finally opened it 
up by putting a nice (though possibly ill-advised) pass over to Brian 
Deyo, who nailed it home for the goal.

I forget who got the third goal, but I remember that 3 good passes led 
up to it.

Zach Barnes and Greg Cesnik had several good saves from the keeper 
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      05/11/03
Game Opponent:  Carroll County
Game Number:    2043
Kokomo Score:   8
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Sunday, 11 May 2003
Time:           10:24:32 PM -0400


Going against a young and developing Carroll County team, the Kokomo 
U17 boys expected to have the advantage, and when it came time to play, 
Kokomo effectivly executed their game.  Despite the 50mph wind gusts, 
Kokomo was able to control the ball through short passes on the ground 
followed, for the most part, by good runs.
The scoring started with a shot off the post from Adam Hoeksema that 
resulted in an easy put in for Sean Caven.  During the course of the 
game, Sean placed two more neatly into the goal with some well placed 
touches past the keeper.
Despite playing keeper for about one-third of the game, John Graves was 
Kokomo's other big scorer.  John rocketed one shot from well outside 
the 18 on the left side that went in off the post; the top post, that is.
John also scored two others, one that came off a beautiful pass from 
Zach Barnes.  Zach had control of the ball in front of the goal.  
Everyone expected the shot attempt, and Zach smartly dashed that expectation 
by feeding a clean pass to John for the one-point guarantee.
Justin Carney gave Kokomo is third goal on the day by deftly 
controlling a cross from the left and redirecting the ball just inside the near 
post for the goal.  Nick Marrah concluded Kokomo's scoring by finally 
cashing in on one of his several shots during the game.
The defense again played well, but defensive players don't need any 
recognition, as they derive fulfillment from other sources.
Greg Cesnik and John Graves both had some saves in goal.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      05/17/03
Game Opponent:  Wayne County United
Game Number:    2180
Kokomo Score:   6
Opponent score: 1
Date:           Sunday, 18 May 2003
Time:           10:20:05 PM -0400


Goals: Greg Cesnik (1), Aaron Mervis (2), Sean Caven (2), Brian Deyo 
(1) I think.

Assists:  Ian Crook (1), Zach Barnes (1), Other People (3) I think.

Saves:  Zach Barnes (2), Greg Cesnik (2)

Kokomo scored a cheap one to start out the game.  The ref turned an 
unintentional handball in the box into a PK for Kokomo, which Greg Cesnik 
nicely converted with a shot into the upper left corner.  Then Kokomo 
quit playing.  They went through the motions, and escaped the first half 
with a 1-1 tie.

During the halftime break, the team recommitted themselves to the 
passing game and came out firing.  Unfortunately, all the shots fired were 
misdirected, flubbed, or just plain weak.  Despite several opportunities 
for Kokomo, the score remained deadlocked at 1-1.
Toward the middle of the second half, Kokomo started to feel and play 
somewhat discouraged, as the fruit of their labors repeatedly went 
unharvested.  Finally, with about 15 minutes remaining, Sean Caven gathered 
a fairly nice through ball which he carried in for the nice touch past 
the keeper and the goal.  The floodgates now were opened; the dam had 
burst.  Sean followed quickly with another goal, and then Brian Deyo 
found the net.  Aaron Mervis capped the game with two nice goals, the 
first of which resulted from a beautifully aggressive run.  Several yards 
outside the 18, Aaron passed the ball to Zach.  Immediately following 
the pass, Aaron bolted for the goal and when he got there, he found the 
ball right in front of him, and he hit it nicely into the top left 
Soon after, Aaron put the icing on the cake with a well-placed hard 
shot from just inside the 18 which easily found the back of the net.

And though I wouldn't say the defense played well, the results speak 
for themselves.
Team Name:      U17_Boys_Yarosz
Game Date:      05/18/03
Game Opponent:  Wayne County United
Game Number:    2321
Kokomo Score:   6
Opponent score: 0
Date:           Sunday, 18 May 2003
Time:           10:41:36 PM -0400


Goals: Greg Cesnik (3), Steven Bushre (2), Aaron Mervis (1).

Assists: Not sure

Saves: Zach Barnes (1), Greg Cesnik (1), John Graves (1), Nick Marrah 

Kokomo again faced Wayne County United for the second time in the same 
weekend, but this time on Kokomo's home turf.  Kokomo hoped to continue 
where it left off with its 5 goal scoring onslaught in final 15 minutes 
of the game on the previous day.  And from the get go, Kokomo started 
passing the ball well and moving well.  Fairly early in the game, Greg 
Cesnik made this game his own with a half volley over the keeper's head 
and into the top of the net for the goal.  He followed that with 
another shot that hit the top left corner of the goal.  Not a bad way to 
start out.
But then Kokomo's game went somewhat stale.  The passing and running 
lessened and the dribbling increased.  The half ended with a 2-0 lead.

At the beginning of the second half the team looked better, but they 
couldn't seem to finish.  They also played far too much on the right side 
of the field, unable to effectively swing the ball against the wind to 
the left side where they should have been doing most of their work.  
Furthermore, they blundered on opportunity after opportunity to score on 
goal. But nonetheless, they did manage some effective plays.  Steve 
Bushre, despite troubles at other times, finished nicely on two 
opportunities.  Aaron Mervis volleyed a nice one into the net from a good cross 
from someone.  And Greg Cesnik, who seemed to be the only one that could 
handle the unexpected ball bounces on the irregular field surface, 
launched another one into the goal for his hat trick.

And, well, the defense did a pretty good job, too, though a few more 
swings around the back would have been nice.



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