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This page contains team pictures for most of the teams that played at Kokomo Soccer Club in the Spring of 2002. To get back here from the pictures, just click the 'Back' button of your Browser.

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Please do not reproduce these pictures in any way.  These pictures are provided to the Club by the Sports Section on condition that we do not use them for any other reason than posting on our Website.  Please help us maintain a positive business relationship with them.  If you would like to order any of these pictures, let Ray Yeager know by email at or visit his website at   

Spring 2002 - U14 Red (Full)

The U14A team struggled this season largely due to losing several players and a manager before the season even started. They finished with a record of 2-3-2.

Spring 2002 - U14 Red (Cropped)

Spring 2002 - U14 Blue (Full)

The U14B team played an abbreviated season of 7 games as one team in the division dropped before the season started and another game was canceled due to weather. Nevertheless, their record was 6-1-0, good enough for first place in their division.

Spring 2002 - U14 Blue (Cropped)

Spring 2002 - U14 Girls (Full)

The girls ended with a record of 3-5-2 and are coached by Jeff Carney (Not in the picture)

Spring 2002 - U14 Girls (Cropped)

Spring 2002 - U10 (Full)

The U10 boys had a very successfull season winning all but one game and ending with a record of 9-1-0. They took the 1st place trophy for their division.

Spring 2002 - U10 (Cropped)

Spring 2002 - U12 Boys (Full)

These boys had a great season that ended with only one loss. They took first place in their division with a record of 8-1-1 and took first place in the Westfield Tournament also.

Spring 2002 - U12 Boys (Cropped)

Srping 2002 - U18 Red (Full)

Spring 2002 - U18 Red (Cropped)

Spring 2002 - U 17 Girls

The girls ended the season undefeated with a record of 8-0-2 and took 1st place in thier division. Congratulations ladies!


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