We wish to thank our sponsors.

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Academy Training is cancelled today 4/13/09.

Make-up date will be May 11th.

Academy Training and Team Information

We have posted Academy training information under the Teams link.
You will also find tabs for all the coaches and we will be posting rosters and schedules shortly.

Raffle Tickets Winners!

First Place $500
Angie Ciski

Second Place $250
Walt Kosiak

Third Place $150
John Householder

Fourth Place $100
Lynda Parton

KSC Fan Wear Apparel pre-orders.

Between now and March 7th we are taking orders for KSC Fan Wear.
Please contact Matt Kinder at if you wish to order
anything. Payments can be mailed to our P.O. Box number along
with a description of what you are wanting to order. The T-Shirts
and long sleeve shirts are 100% cotton. Sweatshirts are 50% cotton
and 50% polyester. XXL available for $2.00 more per item. $6.00 to
add a players name to the back, or $2.00 per digit for numbers.

Sizes / Price
YS-YL $10.00
S-XL $12.00

Sizes / Price
YS-YL $12.00
S-XL $15.00

Sizes / Price
YS-YL $18.00
S-XL $20.00

Sizes / Price
YS-YL $24.00
S-XL $26.00