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Navigation Help

It is possible that, while navigating the pages in this web, some of the pages you are viewing are pages that are stored in your browser's cache.  This means that you could be looking at an old version of the page instead of looking at the newest version of the page from the server.  Browsers are set up to do this as a default and to avoid this, you need to change some settings in your browser.  The settings can be changed by going through the following steps:

  • Go to the Tools Menu and click on the Internet Options menu item.

  • In the dialog box that comes up and on the 'General' tab, you should see a section that says 'Temporary Internet Files.  Click the 'Settings' to go to another dialog box.

  • In this dialog box, you will see a section that says: 'Check for newer versions of stored pages:' and you should put a bullet in the option that says: 'every visit to the page'.

  • Click 'Ok' or hit the enter key twice to get out of the dialog boxes and back to surfing.

If you get a result while browsing that you don't think you should have gotten, please hit the refresh button to see if that clears up the problem.


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Last modified: October 04, 2003