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Spring 2007 U19 Boys versus Terre Haute Flyers 
Kokomo - 5, Terre Haute - 2

Matt Deleo rushes the goal on a cross.

Chris Hazelwood with nice form on a clear - plant foot right next to the
ball and pointed toward the ball's destination, arms out wide for balance,
good retraction on kicking leg, and eyes on the ball.

Jake Cifuentes (JC) dribbles the ball into dangerous territory as he
decides whether to sneak the ball near post or to dump the ball middle
to a potentially oncoming teammate.

Jake Jones gives the opposition no time to settle the ball as David Wesche
looks on.

Dustin Minard looks far post in this nice scoring opportunity.  Or maybe a firm
toe punch to the near post might catch the keeper off guard.

Luke Pitcher splits the defense in what could possibly lead to a man-up situation.

David Wesche, demonstrating his experience on defense, keeps the ball close and
takes it wide, away from the attacker.