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This page contains links and navigation to newsletters past and present and indicates changes to the website and the dates they were made.

Latest Newsletter (Oct. 16, 2002) , Sept. 2nd, 2002, June 5th, 2002, April 19, 2002, March 14, 2002

News from 2001 News,

Web Changes made on 1/10/2002, 02/12/2002, 03/07/2002, 03/12/2002, 04/04/2002, 06/05/2002, 08/19/2002


Wrote and published newest newsletter and added links to it.  Added tracking device to newsletter.  Changed formatting on Services page and added link to Calendar.


Completed season preparation by finishing schedules, adding links to maps and completing rosters.  Also revamped tracking mechanism as Webcounter has been updated. Added ability to track pages and changed the Main Index page counter.  Removed WebTrends tracking where found.


Numerous updates made including rearranging Travel section to include pages for past teams (schedules, rosters and stats). Changed current team links to reflect new schedules and rosters for the Fall '02 season. Added some items for the upcoming business meeting.


Have made many changes too numerous to include here as the changes have not been updated as often as they should have.  Will try to keep current on them.  Have added a section for the Adult League and split the Website into an Adult Section and a Travel Section. Created a submission form for scores and stats to be submitted online.


Moved the website to a new host which has fixed the problem with all the submission forms.  As of now, all pages that allow for information, feedback, and game results to be submitted have been fixed and are working.


Except for the possibility of small errors, all of the schedules for every team have been posted off of the Teams section. A site schedule is available as well as the Team Field Duties schedule.


As you can see, the KSC website has had a complete make-over.  While it may be somewhat unfamiliar, with time we believe that it will serve our needs better and be easier to navigate.  We are still trying to make some enhancements that are at this point dependant upon our web site host.

This makeover included a complete listing of all the rosters for all the teams.  Find them under the Teams link.


Multiple updates to the website in preparation for the Spring Season


In the Business Meeting, it was decided that no active Coaches and Board Members need to pay for the children that are playing on club teams, and that active Assistant Coaches need only pay for half of the dues for their players.  This was decided in order to encourage more involvement at the Board/Coach level.  We always have positions open, in case anyone is interested.


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