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Web Changes made during 2001


 News from 08/22, 08/26, 09/03, 09/10, 09/20, 10/03, 10/11, 10/12, 10/16, 11/09


Added link to current Newsletter


Added link for the Payment Schedule to the Forms page. There was a change made to the Early payment option (moved to Dec. 15 for the deposit)
Reconfigured Index page and moved news items to Current News Page.
Tryout News
The first night of tryouts went extremely well with a large number of High-Schoolers from area schools showing up for our older-aged teams. We also had a good number of younger players come out, too.  As always, we are looking for some knowledgeable individuals willing to coach some of our teams.  If we are able to field two boys high school age teams, we still need one coach for this age.  We will also need a coach for a girl's High school team.
Tournament News
Added links to the Brownsburg Tournament Home Page and all the schedules for every team. See you there.


Added link for new proposed tryout activities: Tryouts Forms
Coaches: please provide feedback before Monday.


Games scores for the past weekends are now posted.


Tryouts for the Spring '02 Season are coming up on Oct. 15 and 16 starting at 5:15 PM both days.  Pass the word around.

The Last newsletter for the 2001 year will be coming out soon.  Look for it here as well as in the mail.

Current scores that have been submitted are posted


Current scores have been updated as they have been sent to Web Master 
Check the Team page and go to each team to check game results


The U14 Girls' schedule has been posted and is linked off of the schedule page.
Stay tuned for the scores from week one.

Upcoming Coaches'/Board Meeting (updated 09/10/2001)


  • The latest Newsletter is being sent out - Check it out here too.

  • Beginning with this season, all teams will assist with concessions and field setup.  For an explanation see the newsletter (link above), and for a schedule click here.

  • Added to the Team page: contact info for coaches and a link to a spreadsheet containing info on all the players registered for this season.


All the Forms you might need for the Club are online and can be accessed by going to the Forms link


The Fall Season is all set to start.  The schedules are out and you can check them out by going to the Game Schedule link on the left.  Directions to away games can be found as a link from your team's schedule. 

Games will start on the weekend after Labor Day.  Kokomo Soccer Club will have 5 teams competing this season. Team info can be accessed by going to the Teams link.

After a successful inaugural season, we will be looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of the KIP program.


Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: July 15, 2002