March Newsletter


Greetings once again as the Spring '02 season draws nearer.  Our first game of the season will be played in two Saturdays.  We will be lining the fields from 11:00 AM until finished this Saturday.  The more we get there the less time we will have to spend.  There is more to be done than just lining the fields, too, so come and spend some time with us so that your Board Members and Coaches don't have to spend the whole day there.

The website is up to date at this point.  We have posted all of the rosters and schedules for every one of the 8 teams in the Club.  If you haven't noticed, the website has a new look and hopefully will be easier to navigate.  As an FYI, all the information about the teams is found under the Teams link and many of the other services offered online by KSC can be found by following the Services link.  If you have trouble finding anything on the website there is a fully operational Table of Contents found by following the Contents link in the uppermost navigational bar on every page in the website.  Recent updates and news can be found at the Main News link.  There is also a Scores link off of the Team Page that we will try to keep updated during the season.  If at any time you feel that this is not sufficiently up-to-date, please encourage your coach or manager to send the scores and stats to the web admin.

I would like to encourage each an every one of you to play an active role in maintaining good attitudes on the fields during the upcoming season.  We have done the best we can to maintain a positive environment in which your children can compete, but the end result is up to each of us to set a good example.  If something needs to be addressed concerning the refereeing and/or safety of the players, please find a field marshal, Dave Fluck or myself and it will be addressed.

Lastly, I wish to remind everyone that we do have a number of sponsor who are contributing goods, services and/or money to help make the club a better place.  Mailboxes Etc. has helped greatly and continues to do so, as they allow us to make a large number of copies each year free of charge and as they send out mailers for us on a periodic basis.  List Lawn Care provides field maintenance for us at a substantially reduced rate.  Martin Marietta has donated 100 tons of gravel for a small parking lot and Crites Excavating is going to do the hauling and ground work.  In order to continue to benefit from these sponsors, it is critical that we all do one of two things - use their goods and services preferentially over those of others and call them to let them know how much their involvement is appreciated.  This will be well worth the little time and effort it will take to do.

I must finish by thanking all of you who volunteer in the Club.  Your contribution cannot be measured and our appreciation cannot be expressed in mere words, so allow me to say a simple thank you.

For the Good of Soccer and our Children,

Randy Teachout