April Newsletter


(Some of you were added to this mailing list from the email addresses you gave coaches or managers.  If you mind, please unsubscribe at the bottom of this letter.)

Well, we are now two weeks into our current season and all  seems to be going well.  Our teams so far have made a good showing for themselves and team numbers seem to be up from other seasons. As we try to streamline processes around the club, things are getting better.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to make improvements.

One of the biggest news items concerns the selling of umbrellas by Kokomo Soccer Club.  There is a company in Illinois that makes soccer umbrellas and they are providing them to us wholesale.  We in turn are selling them to anyone who wants to buy them at retail costs and get to keep the difference.  For a description of the umbrellas, go to:

http://kokomosoccerclub.com/umbrella_information.htm.(We also have samples in the Concession Stand if you want to see them.

We will be submitting an order on May 1st, so please let us know how many you want by clicking on the 'Order' link on the Services page or go here to order:


  Please pass this info on to others you may know who may want to take advantage of this as this will profit the Club also.  We are hurting financially as no one has stepped up to coordinate fund-raisers.

There have been a number of additions to the kokomosoccerclub.com website.  This should be becoming your main source of news for the Club.  You will find everything from rosters, schedules, scores, and stats for every team in the club.  You will also find a number of services on the Services link.  We have automated the registration process so that when you register with the club, your information is automatically entered into a database that se can use more efficiently without having to reenter the info into the computer.  As of now all registration forms will be filled out online.  We have also started once again to do our best to get the weekend game results into the Newspaper.  They will most often be put in Wednesday, so keep your eyes out for the scores and stats.  If you miss the paper, however, it is all online.

I will now make the usual plea for help.  We are seriously low in numbers at the administrative levels of the Club.  As you  know, Grady Hachet passed away not too long ago under very sad circumstances and while we will never be able to replace him, we need someone to step up and help out with his duties and responsibilities.  Right now that is being passed on to those that are already overtaxed in other areas.  If you are interested or feel motivated to help make the Club a positive experience for your children and want more information, please contact me, Randy Teachout, through one of the means listed on the website.

Lastly, I wish to remind everyone that we do have a number of sponsor who are contributing goods, services and/or money to help make the club a better place.  Mailboxes Etc. has helped greatly and continues to do so, as they allow us to make a large number of copies each year free of charge and as they send out mailers for us on a periodic basis.  List Lawn Care provides field maintenance for us at a substantially reduced rate.  Martin Marietta has donated 100 tons of gravel for a small parking lot and Crites Excavating is going to do the hauling and ground work.  Gaffney Insurance donated money to help with the parking lot, as has Butcher, Ball and Lowery Law Firm. In order to continue to benefit from these sponsors, it is critical that we all do one of two things - use their goods and services preferentially over those of others and/or call them to let them know how much their involvement is appreciated.  This will be well worth the little time and effort it will take to do.

I must finish by thanking all of you who volunteer in the Club.  Your contribution cannot be measured and our appreciation cannot be expressed in mere words, so allow me to say a simple thank you.

For the Good of Soccer and our Children,

Randy Teachout