June Newsletter


BIG NEWS: In case you have not heard, Kokomo Soccer Club now has an Adult League.  Delco Park ceased to be Delco's and because of this, the Delco League had to find a new field.  We at the Club saw many benefits to incorporating those teams as part of the club and it is now known as KASL - Kokomo Adult Soccer League.  We are hoping to attract adult players from surrounding communities and to eventually break the teams up into a Rec. League and a more competitive one.

We are planning a short commemoration service are the Soccer Complex to officially name the complex after Grady Hachet to honor the years of service that he put in at the field.  This is to be held at the corner of Defenbaugh and Berkely at 5:30 PM on Thursday June 6th, and will be a 'come-as-you-are' get together that will not last long.  We are hoping to have some of you share how Grady influenced you in past years.

Tryouts for the Fall Season for the year 2002 will be held on Tuesday June 11th and Wednesday June 12th at 5:00 PM.  We are asking that all players who wish to play in the Fall please attend at least one of the two sessions, unless prior arrangements are made.  For prior arrangements, please call 868-1120.

Because of the rising cost of officials imposed upon us by CIYSL, the Club finds itself in need of raising the amount of dues that will need to be paid for players to play in the Fall.  To do this, we are merely eliminating the lowest payment option from the schedule. This means that if you pay early, it will cost only $130 per player.  To take advantage of this, payment will have to be received by our Treasurer no later than July 31st.  Anyone paying after this will have to pay $150 per player.  Please remember that those of you who are willing to help with Administrative responsibilities and/or coaching/managing teams will get a substantial reduction in those fees or have to pay nothing at all.  Please send your money to Joe Wesche at 1924 S Union St. - Kokomo, IN 46902 and make the check out to Kokomo Soccer Club.

I will now make the usual plea for help.  We are seriously low in numbers at the administrative levels of the Club.  As you  know, Grady Hachet passed away not too long ago under very sad circumstances and while we will never be able to replace him, we need someone to step up and help out with his duties and responsibilities.  Right now that is being passed on to those that are already overtaxed in other areas.  If you are interested or feel motivated to help make the Club a positive experience for your children and want more information, please contact me, Randy Teachout, through one of the means listed on the website.

Lastly, I wish to remind everyone that we do have a number of sponsor who are contributing goods, services and/or money to help make the club a better place.  Mailboxes Etc. has helped greatly and continues to do so, as they allow us to make a large number of copies each year free of charge and as they send out mailers for us on a periodic basis.  List Lawn Care provides field maintenance for us at a substantially reduced rate.  Martin Marietta has donated 100 tons of gravel for a small parking lot and Crites Excavating is going to do the hauling and ground work.  Gaffney Insurance donated money to help with the parking lot, as has Butcher, Ball and Lowery Law Firm. In order to continue to benefit from these sponsors, it is critical that we all do one of two things - use their goods and services preferentially over those of others and/or call them to let them know how much their involvement is appreciated.  This will be well worth the little time and effort it will take to do.

I must finish by thanking all of you who volunteer in the Club.  Your contribution cannot be measured and our appreciation cannot be expressed in mere words, so allow me to say a simple thank you.

For the Good of Soccer and our Children,

Randy Teachout