September Newsletter


Travel Teams: Well, everything is set for another exciting travel season.  The fields are ready to go, the concession stand is being stocked with the usual goodies and a few new items and there are a few new additions around the complex.  Most teams have been practicing for a few weeks now and are chomping at the bit for real opponents.  We have our usual number of five teams, so please come and cheer for them! On a side note, we are always looking for more refs, so if you are interested or have children who are, please let us know and we will assist with certification schedules and pay for your certification classes.

While most of you know, all of you will be thrilled to be able to park closer to the fields on our new parking lot.  As you will notice by the signs, the parking lot was put in free of charge to the club thanks to some of the businesses in our community. PLEASE take note of who they are and take the time to call them and thank them for their generosity.  It motivates  businesses to want to assist us if they know that what they do is noticed and appreciated.  You will also notice that there are signs up that indicate direction of travel.  Please obey the signs to avoid any unfortunate accidents or traffic tie-ups.

I mentioned earlier some new items in the concession stand.  We are ordering two new items of interest that will help you promote the club and soccer in general, as well as boosting the Club's finances in a small way.  One of those is a window decal that has a soccer ball surrounded by Kokomo Soccer Club, and the other is a small soccer ball antenna topper.  These are made available to the Club at wholesale rates and we are able to pass them along to you at a slightly higher rate.  We will not sell the bulk we would need to for this to be considered a lucrative fund-raiser, but wanted to do this as a service to you.  Please take advantage of these by stopping by the concession stand during any game.  We will also be selling soccer umbrellas as we did last year and will have some of those in the Concession stand.

Tryouts for the Spring Season for the year 2003 will be held on Monday Oct. 28th and Tuesday Oct 29th at 5:00 PM.  We are asking that all players who wish to play in the Spring please attend both sessions, unless prior arrangements are made.  For prior arrangements, please call 868-1120.  We are going to try to do better this fall in getting the word out about the Soccer Club and the services and opportunities we offer.  Starting September 30th, we are wanting to get brochures and handouts into the hands of all the school children of Howard County.  From now until then, we will be trying to develop contacts in each school to find out the best way to do this.  If any of you would like to help, whether or not you already know of a contact in a school system, we certainly could use the help.  Also, we want to make use as much as possible of news media around the Howard County area and have made plans to do so.  If any of you have any ideas on ways we can do this, don't hesitate to let me know.

As many of you will remember, I usually make a plea for help in these newsletters.  We do still need help, but are very thankful for Mark Poppas, who has graciously agreed to step in a Field Maintenance Director and has already begun to make improvements on our fields.  If you see him, thank him for his time and efforts.  We still would like help coordinating uniforms and are still looking for a Vice-President who would be able to focus on Corporate fundraising.  There is a whole segment of businesses who may be willing to be involved with the Club, if someone were available to communicate with them.

Lastly, I wish to remind everyone that we do have a number of sponsor who are contributing goods, services and/or money to help make the club a better place.  Mailboxes Etc. has helped greatly and continues to do so, as they allow us to make a large number of copies each year free of charge and as they send out mailers for us on a periodic basis.  List Lawn Care provides field maintenance for us at a substantially reduced rate.  Martin Marietta has donated 100 tons of gravel for a small parking lot and Crites Excavating is going to do the hauling and ground work.  Gaffney Insurance donated money to help with the parking lot, as has Butcher, Ball and Lowery Law Firm. In order to continue to benefit from these sponsors, it is critical that we all do one of two things - use their goods and services preferentially over those of others and/or call them to let them know how much their involvement is appreciated.  This will be well worth the little time and effort it will take to do.

I must finish by thanking all of you who volunteer in the Club.  Your contribution cannot be measured and our appreciation cannot be expressed in mere words, so allow me to say a simple thank you.

For the Good of Soccer and our Children,

Randy Teachout