Kokomo Soccer Club
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Game # Date Time Site Division Home Team Away Team
137 Sat. 9/8/2001 2:30 PM Greenfield 13AB1 Greenfield Strikers Kokomo Renegades
213 Sun. 9/9/2001 2:30 PM Lindbergh Fld 13AB1 TIPPCO Lightning Kokomo Renegades
494 Sat. 9/15/2001 10:30 AM Cumberland Pk 13AB1 Fishers Harrison Kokomo Renegades
580 Sun. 9/16/2001 4:00 PM Logansport 13AB1 Logan United Kokomo Renegades
721 Sat. 9/22/2001 1:00 PM Kokomo 13AB1 Kokomo Renegades Logan United
877 Sun. 9/23/2001 1:00 PM Kokomo 13AB1 Kokomo Renegades Lawrence Cyclone
1034 Sat. 9/29/2001 10:00 AM Kokomo 13AB1 Kokomo Renegades Fishers Harrison
1189 Sun. 9/30/2001 4:00 PM Kokomo 13AB1 Kokomo Renegades TIPPCO Lightning
1441 Sat. 10/6/2001 3:00 PM Lawrence Pk 13AB1 Lawrence Cyclone Kokomo Renegades
1480 Sun. 10/7/2001 1:00 PM Kokomo 13AB1 Kokomo Renegades Greenfield Strikers

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