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        Here is where you can get all the latest information specific to KSC Travel League. Check back frequently to stay current as the season progresses. Use the left hand menu to get specific information.

        The Kokomo Soccer Club offers a travel program for players who desire a higher level of competition over that of recreational play. While there is a level of skill, athleticism, and commitment necessary to play travel soccer, we recognize that every player is different. The most skilled players are not always the most competitive or committed and vice versa. It is our goal to help each player develop his/her skills to their fullest potential. Anyone is welcome to try out. Any player not placed on a travel team will be referred to our recreational program.

Travel Schedules

Information on travel schedules is available under the Coaches/Teams page.

Travel Fees &
Kokomo Soccer Club Payment Policy

       This policy is being adopted because we have to, as a club, make a commitment to the state, to register teams by a certain date. After that deadline is past, we pay a penalty if we cannot fulfill our commitment.

       Option 1: Early payment option
The $200 is paid at registration (Amount will be refunded in full if team pulls out by deadline or if your child does not make a team) If the Treasurer does not receive the full amount by the Friday following tryouts, Option Two is the next option available.

       Option 2: On time payment option
A $75 deposit must be paid at tryouts The sum total of the $210 must be paid by Commitment Night.

       Option 3: Late payment option A $75 deposit must be paid at tryouts The sum total of the $225 must be paid before the first game of the season. If all the money is not received by that date, the club reserves the right to remove the player from the roster.

       All fees past due from previous seasons must be paid before your child will be registered. If mailed, payments must be sent to:
        Kokomo Soccer Club
        PO Box 93
        Kokomo, IN 46903-0093
Do not give payments to coaches and managers!

      Tournament fees are not included in your registration fees. If your child's team chooses to enter a tournament (most teams enter at least one), the team manager will request an additional payment of approximately $40 per tournament.

Uniform Fee:$66
    (Applicable only to those purchasing a new uniform)
Returning players that need to buy replacement uniform must do so no later than commitment night.



        We, the coaches, team managers, and proud parents/relatives of a CIYSL soccer player, promise to be model coaches, managers, spectators at games in which our sons, daughters, and/or relatives are participants, as well as at other games where youth are present with us. We will:
  1. encourage fair play ,
  2. cheer in a positive manner for all players, regardless of which team they represent,
  3. not criticize the performance of my child or his/her teammates,
  4. not criticize the opponents of our team,
  5. not embarrass my own player by my behavior,
  6. allow the coaches to do the coaching, and coaches will conduct themselves in a model way,
  7. show respect for the game officials by not criticizing them or undermining their authority in the eyes of our players,
  8. display good sportsmanship as a positive example for my player.

        We further understand that we not only represent our own players, but also the team, our club, the league, and the game of soccer, and will conduct ourselves accordingly. We understand that the coach and the other parents and relatives of the team will hold us accountable for our actions and behavior. We further understand that the Commissioners, the club, and its appointed disciplinary committee will monitor our behavior and will take appropriate action to uphold our Code of Conduct.


It takes a lot to run a club and we could use your help!

        We need volunteers to help with everything; picking up trash, mowing the lawn, marking the fields, concessions, coaches, referees, and coordinators. Help make a difference, contact us today and ask how you can help!

    All coaches and referees must fill out a background check. Please click here for the volunteer background form.

        Parents and coaches are eligible for training opportunities with Indiana Youth Soccer at no cost. Courses can be found at the IYSA website. To register for a training course in coaching, click here, or for soccer-parent classes click here.

Weather Policy

        For the travel league, the weather policy is as follows. If lightning is spotted or thunder is heard, any referee or Kokomo Soccer Club board member can suspend play.

       According to CIYSL RULE 3.8 If a game is suspended and the first half has been completed, it will be considered a complete game. If a game is terminated, the age-group commissioner will appoint a committee of three to determine whether or not the game shall be replayed. The home team coach will notify the age-group commissioner as soon as practicable after the suspension or termination of the game.

        Game Suspension is as follows:

  1. If thunder is heard, the game and/or practice shall be suspended. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.
  2. If lightning is seen, the game and/or practice shall be suspended.
  3. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.
  4. If a thunderstorm is heard, seen coming or your hair stands on end, the game and/or practice shall be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter. Do not wait until it rains.
  5. If there is any indication of a tornado in the area, the game and/or practice shall be suspended. Everyone should seek safety in a solid structure.
  6. Each league should establish their own procedures for replaying of any games suspended due to lightning or tornados.
  7. If the game official does not immediately suspend the game when any one of the points above have occurred, the head coach from each team can agree that one of the criteria listed above have occurred they are to withdraw their teams from the field. If this action is taken, then both coaches must submit a written report to their league outlining the circumstances, the facts concerning the weather conditions at that time, the fact that the two coaches were in agreement and the name of the officials at the game.
  8. If an official and one of the coaches do not reach the conclusion to suspend the game and any one of the criteria listed above are believed to have occurred, the coach that supported the suspension of the game is to send a written report to their league outlining the facts and the names of the officials.
  9. No one should retake the field or re-start the game until all of the lightning and thunder or other hazardous weather has left the area. Specifically, no one should retake the field for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or the dangerously high winds have passed.
  10. Each league should establish their own procedures for replaying of any games suspended due to lightning or tornados.


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