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Umbrella Information

A. The cover is 100% waterproof polyester with black silk screening. It is a much better quality and softer to the touch than nylon. Our cover is also thicker than nylon giving it a higher quality look and feel. The pentagons are blacker and bigger than the original umbrella. It's very IMPRESSIVE.

B. The shaft is a high quality black graphite, which makes this umbrella lightweight, yet unbelievably strong. We have added two more ribs, making the total count, ten. You will notice that the ribs on the underside of the umbrella are spaced so that every other rib is on a pentagon. This makes it easier to align the pentagons making them equal in size. Having ten ribs also makes our umbrella even stronger.

C. The handle is made of black rubber, which is a more expensive material than wood. It has a very comfortable grip.

D. The umbrella has a 60" arc, which is a large golf size umbrella, large enough to cover two sitting on the sidelines.

E. The length of this umbrella from the end of the handle to the tip is 37-1/2".

F. There is a spring near the top of the shaft to help strengthen on windy days. There is also a spring with cup near the handle so that when the umbrella is in the closed position, the rib points can be enclosed within the cup. This protects the ends of the umbrella.
A. The cover is also 100% waterproof polyester with black silk screening.

B. The handle is a black and white plastic soccer ball - REALLY CUTE!

C. This folding umbrella has a 44" arc.

D. When in the closed position, this umbrella is only 10" long - perfect for the kids to carry in their backpacks and soccer bags.

E. The structure (ribs and shaft) is heavy gauge aluminum.



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Last modified: July 15, 2002